Cobia Outdoors LLC

Cobia Outdoors is Chillicothe's Leading Wholesale Firearms Distributor selling to any Federally Licensed Dealer. AIM HIGHER!

Call: (740) 649-7298

Cobia Outdoors LLC

Cobia Outdoors is happy to offer firearms orders and transfers along with cleanings and repairs. We are also happy to offer SCUBA courses and classes from open water to Divemaster through NAUI. Please call us for any questions and interests! If you are interested, you can also fill out any of our forms below.

Gun Cleaning Services

We are happy to offer you our firearm cleaning services along with repairs!

During our cleans, your firearm will be disassembled and thoroughly examined and inspected for debris even in the smallest areas. We will also do our best to remove as much surface rust as we possibly can. 

 Click here to fill out a form for your gun to be cleaned!

Become a SCUBA Diver

SCUBA is a great hobby to begin and you can experience a whole new world under the waves! Send us a message for more information on classes and certification trips!


This video is one of the few but growing videos that Wes has filmed and put onto his YouTube channel that showcase his diving adventures. Watch this one, leave a like and subscribe to his channel and check out all his other videos while you're there! More videos will be out soon!

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