We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Outdoor Products

About Us

Our products come from distributors and manufacturers around the nation. We do our best to have products be American made and to be high in quality to make sure that your needs are suited for any and every outdoor situation.

Our Company

Cobia Outdoors LLC was established in May of 2020. Our goal is to provide the customers that we serve with every aspect of the outdoors within one store. We care about the quality of the product that we bring you but also want to do our best to reuse what others may not want anymore. Along with wanting to make your outdoor experiences amazing, we also want to protect and preserve our outdoor world!

Our Team

Our team currently is just Wes and his dad but hopefully expanding soon. Some day we hope to have many more members with us who will be able to share their passion with the outdoors just like we do!

Wes Ritenour

Wes is the owner of Cobia Outdoors LLC. With a bachelor’s degree in marine science and a minor in business administration, he definitely loves to be on the ocean and in the water. He is a NAUI Instructor and is bringing diving classes to Cobia!

Phone: (740)649-7298

Email: [email protected]